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Donna Rae is an experienced Makeup Artist for over thirty years.

As an artist, she is dedicated to define, enhance, create, customize, and showcase your personal style through the art of makeup. She creates an atmosphere for women to feel comfortable as she shares techniques, tips, tricks and beauty trends while highlighting your natural and inner beauty.

Donna Rae currently travels in the Northwest for Bridal parties, and nationally and internationally recognized cosmetic brands in the industry. For the past 20 years she had the luxury and rewarding experience of pampering clients for major events at all Nordstrom stores in the region.

Donna Rae is also a mobile contractor that offers full on-location services from the greater Seattle area to the Lake Chelan Valley (a premier resort destination) in Washington State as well as any destination desired. She can travel locally and nationally.

Donna Rae is driven by the desire to "make women more beautiful, but also happier". Trish McEvoy is a nationally recognized skincare and cosmetics brand that offers women active results for any occasion and needs. This brand is mostly known for their first in the nation Medi-Spas and Makeup Planners - world’s only totally portable vanity designed to make makeup easy to store, carry and use.

Additionally, she has worked in the film and TV industries, for modeling agencies, personal stylists, celebrity photographers, and magazines across the nation. She is continually expanding her repertoire through ongoing trainings and research.

Donna Rae has held positions as the the lead artist in many projects as well as chosen as 1 in 15 in the nation to be a Pro Stylist for Christian Dior. She has spent the last 25+ years working with Christian Dior as a Regional Artist along the West Coast with National Celebrity Artists in support of major makeup events.

It is always a pleasure for Donna Rae to be chosen to capture your personal beauty needs for all occasions not only to make you more beautiful but happier.

Donna Rae
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